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The DIY Email Archive

When I explain email archiving to someone unfamiliar with the process, I’m often faced with the question; "Could they do that themselves?"

There’s a good case for wanting to have full control over your email archive. Maybe you want to save money, keep the process in house, maybe it would be less complicated than trying to install something from a third party?

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When an employee resigns, what happens to their e-mail?

People leave, it’s a fact of life. It just happens. Their desk is cleared, their office re-assigned, they may even be replaced... But what is to be done with their company email account?

Some companies will have an email retention policy, others will deal with the situation when it arises, but one thing for sure, the information will need to be accessed at a future time. This may happen for either unforeseen data requirements, compliance reasons or in response to an eDiscovery request.

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Email archiving violations net LPL Financial a $9 million fine

WSJ reported that LPL Financial Holdings was fined $7.5 million by the FINRA, as well as creating a $1.5 million compensation fund for its clients.

This $9 million fine is largest to date, and could have been avoided with a good-faith effort to comply with government legislation. Note here that all that is required is a reasonable endeavour by a corporation to comply, FINRA doesn’t expect a perfect solution and a fine can be avoided by making an effort.

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Five tips for a better email experience

E-mail has become an integral part of our daily communications, whether they are business or personal.

Millions of emails are sent and received daily, and with it being such a big influence on our lives, it might be nice to get to know the medium a little better, and become a master of email. To get you started on your journey, here are five useful tips to help you conquer your email.

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Making Your Email Searchable

Before you even perform an eDiscovery request, it is a good habit to have your emails easily searchable.

In the short term it’s easier to find that message from Frank in accounting sent last week about bowling, but in the long term it can streamline your searches for more important information. Not that bowling wasn’t important.

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Is Email Privacy Legislation Lagging Behind the Technology?

We’re edging close to the 30th anniversary of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

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New Legal Clarity to come to eDiscovery Requests

Where eDiscovery is concerned, we have seen increasing legal clarity, credibility and standards of practice. Where there has not been legal clarity is in the area of government searches and acquisitions of electronic communication.

The issues lie in clarifying what permissions are needed to obtain company or individual’s information when it is hosted on a third party server. With hosted email and cloud-based email archiving growing in popularity every day, this legal clarity on government acquisitions is long over due.

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Re-Evaluating Your Cyber-Risk Management

Cyber-risks are increasingly prevalent in modern businesses.

Today, risk managers are turning their attention to finding solutions to manage their cyber risks and protect their companies’ data. Recent cyber attacks and privacy breaches have highlighted the importance of robust solutions and the devastating consequences that arise from being unprepared. A survey from risk management consultants Towers Watson has shown just how risk managers are approaching their cyber risks.

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Standardizing eDiscovery

Having an effective eDiscovery system in place is a saving grace for many companies, especially in cases of litigation and maintaining compliance to Sarbanes-Oxley legislation.

Now, the International Organization for Standardization is weighing in on the eDiscovery issue, but what will this mean for company data and information systems?

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Making Business Email Work

Email is undoubtedly a big part of many businesses’ daily operations, however it can be notoriously unproductive at the same time; causing distractions, clogging up servers and attracting spam every hour of the day. So how can we make our business email a productive tool in our daily operations?

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