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Email Archiving: A Solution for Compliance Woes and Budget Issues

ediscoveyThese days, email is integral to organizations because it literally keeps the business running. Remember diaries your secretary used to keep? Gone, and replaced by a calendar solution linked to the email system. The Filofax? Gone the way of the dodo and replaced by Microsoft Contacts within the outlook system. These days, documents, legal contracts, and important messages enter the company through the email inbox rather than the mailbox. Email is now relied upon to stay organized, and with this comes the need for an effective email archiving solution.

What exactly does email archiving do?

When we need to put email archiving into a nutshell, we describe it as a compliance, eDiscovery and IT solution for reducing resource burdens. While you may have a backup of email messages, that’s not the same as having an archive.  Archiving makes email storage secure, tamper proof, and easily searchable for eDiscovery purposes. Not sure what that is? We’ll explain later on in this article.

Compliance and eDiscovery

Compliance and eDiscovery are all abuzz at the moment, and they’re the major drivers toward companies adopting email archiving solutions. This is because the noose is tightening in terms of legal obligations, and the authorities are less inclined to turn a blind eye than they used to be. Data protection laws and data privacy legislation mandate all organizations to keep records of all communications and data, and this includes email.

Email is increasingly demanded as evidence by the courts. If your organization cannot produce the goods, the legal ramifications can be huge. Implementing a simple but comprehensive email archiving solution eliminates these concerns and keeps organizations fully compliant with the law.

Lower the IT budget burden with email archiving

Additionally, email archiving solutions can be effective in alleviating the IT budget constraints that many companies find themselves under of late. If left to the IT department, traditional email management and archiving can actually cost up to 4 hours per email user every year in maintenance and support time. Depending on employee numbers and IT technicians’ salaries, those costs can mount up. An automated email archiving solution with polices in place can reduce these figures drastically.

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