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Getting Into The Nitty Gritty of Email Archiving

email archivingThe phrase “email archiving” probably conjures up some fairly basic ideas about a box that stores old emails. But email archiving is so much more than that. Today, we’re going to get into the nitty gritty about archiving and what it’s true nature really is.

Consider an email archive as a repository: it’s generally kept in a safe environment in order to ensure the secure preservation of email data. This is to guarantee the compliance and the safety of this archive for disaster recovery purposes. A complete email archiving solution is automated: it should automatically extract message contents and attachments from both incoming and outgoing emails. After these are indexed, these are stored in the archiving appliance in a read only format. The purpose of this is to ensure that emails can be accessed by authorized personnel but cannot be altered, in order to maintain compliance

What other advantages does email archiving have?

Email archiving also reduces resource burdens on existing IT infrastructure by reducing the amount of emails stored in local hard drives on PC’s. Email archive appliances also take up less storage space than some other email storage methods, like servers. 

Email archive solutions ensure that there is a centralized copy of all email available for access. This means there is protection for users who may accidentally delete email from their own accounts, or indeed from those who might tamper or intentionally delete emails. The archiving solution means that central eDiscovery can take place without searching through individual PC’s. 

The difference between “backup” and “archive”

These two ideas serve different purposes. Backups save current data in the event of a failure or a loss, while archives protect both current and historical data so it can be persevered securely and accessed when needed. Archives also allow for quick eDiscovery, which can save millions in costs compared to searching through years of data backup tapes.

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