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Are You Ready For eDiscovery? Ask Yourself These Questions

eDiscovery ReadinesseDiscovery readiness is now almost mandatory in most industries. You can’t come across a new legal case without eDiscovery processes being involved. Because of this, there has been a huge move towards eDiscovery adoption and companies are seeking to integrate eDiscovery policies and appliances, like email archiving with integrated discovery functions.

Are you seeking to make your organization fully compliant and ready for eDiscovery? Before you declare your organization ready, you should take some time to answer the following questions. They may reveal some areas where your policies are lacking or some major holes in existing policies that need to be addressed. 

Policy and awareness tasks

Have you prepared a records management and retention policy? Remember to identify all kinds of records that are eligible for retention under your industry’s laws and regulations. Every industry is mandated to include email records as official records for retention purposes. Secondly, are your retention policies clear to the rest of your organization? Have they been actively communicated?

Information management tasks

Does your IT department know what kind of data it stores, is supposed to store, and where it’s all located? The IT department should obviously be in the loop about all data management processes. Does your IT department have the tools it needs to support retention policies? At a basic level, this means at least having the appropriate resources to do the job. So for email retention policies, an appropriate email archiving tool is required.

User roles and their responsibilities

Have the user roles and responsibilities for information management within your organization been laid out? One of the prime roles should be that of the eDiscovery officer. Depending on the size of the company, this may or may not be a unique role. For smaller companies, it may be added on to another staff member’s job description. 

The above questions will probably provide a lot of food for thought to most IT managers and company owners. Get these issues in order before putting that eDiscovery policy to bed.

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