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Email Archiving: Why Archive Your Email?

Why Archive Email?Most people in business today know that they need to invest in email archiving, but why archive email? This is a question that we come across with increasing frequency as more organizations look to introduce a comprehensive archiving solution.

The 3 main reasons to archive your email are:


Because email has grown to be the biggest form of communication for business nowadays there have been numerous rules and regulations put in place to monitor how organizations treat this form of communication. Email in itself can be easily manipulated or deleted but with email archiving in place you can guarantee that all your email will be stored in its original form ensuring that you are adhering to compliance requirements.


Litigation can be a major problem for any organization that doesn’t employ email archiving. When the threat of litigation arises you need to be able to deal with the issue in a quick and timely manner. Email archiving enables this as all emails are easily recoverable enabling you to meet all eDiscovery requests that come your way.


With the continued growth of email, storage space has become a major issue for organizations. The more emails that pass through your system, the more strain on your server. Email archiving will take all emails that pass through your system and store them in your archive, eliminating the workload of your server.

These are the issues that drive the need for you to archive your email but there are also a number of other reasons including:

  • Reduction of your storage costs.
  • Alleviates the pressure on your IT staff.
  • Increases the efficiency of your server.
  • Enhances the productivity of your email management.
  • Reduces search time.
  • Improves your backup and restore functions.

So, why archive email? With so many reasons such as the ones mentioned above - this should be a question you no longer need to ask!

 But, if you still need more information on this topic why not download our free white paperThe Benefits of Email Archiving” to see the full list of benefits email archiving will bring to your organization.

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