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Email Archiving Solutions are Important for Businesses of All Sizes

Email archiving solutionsIf you own a small business, you may not think you need to archive your email. You may hear phrases like ‘email archiving solutions’ and assume that it’s a big business problem.

You often find these products are sold with figures outlining how much email the average corporate user sends or receives in a day. About 110 per day, thanks for asking. You might see those figures and assume it’s a corporate issue. But small business can’t afford to ignore email archiving entirely.

Small businesses that don’t invest in email archiving solutions could find themselves in trouble, in more ways than one.

The obvious problem is one of storage. Emails take up space. Even if you only send a few emails a day, if they’re not deleted, they will clog up the servers of even the smallest business. Email archiving solutions can help to avoid clogging up this space. Saving businesses from potential server crashes and wasted employee hours.

Small Businesses need to comply with the same laws as corporates

Besides storage space, email archiving solutions can also save businesses from trouble with the law. There are numerous laws, both internationally and within the US, that require businesses to store their email information in a certain manner. Email archiving solutions can help small businesses to comply with these laws easily and efficiently.

Even if a small business stays compliant without using email archiving solutions, they may still help with legal matters. With so much information now being held digitally, legal requests for documents can be done digitally too. If a small company becomes involved in litigation, documents may be sought through eDiscovery. Email archiving solutions allow businesses to deal with eDiscovery requests quickly, as the information is already held in an easily accessible place.

Productivity and efficiency are key for small businesses

These email archiving solutions, helping with storage, compliance and eDiscovery will all boost productivity. More importantly for small businesses though, investment in email archiving solutions protects against loss in productivity. Which can be so damaging for companies working within tight margins.

Email archiving solutions may not feel like a small business term, but it’s certainly a small business issue.

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