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Is Your Company eDiscovery Ready?

eDiscovery SearchThe eDiscovery process has been formalized, in one form or another, for nearly 6 years. But it’s still a term that a lot of companies don’t understand and a process that a lot of companies aren’t ready for.

A recent study by Epiq Systems analyzed the eDiscovery readiness of companies in the US and Europe. The majority of respondents felt that, in their sector, most companies would be unable to rapidly and accurately access key data if required by a regulatory authority.

As more and more business information is held electronically, eDiscovery will become increasingly common within business. So is your company eDiscovery ready?

What is eDiscovery?

The term eDiscovery developed from the legal term Discovery, which is the process of sharing documents between the parties involved in a legal dispute.  Amendments to the US Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in 2006 created rules around the transfer of digital information in the Discovery process, which brought about the phrase Electronic Discovery or eDiscovery.

In practical terms eDiscovery is the process of sharing digitally held information for legal purposes. This covers all kinds of data from standard word documents, through audio and video to email archives.

This can prove an extremely complex and time consuming process for companies who don’t store and archive their data efficiently. Plenty of employee hours could be lost just collating the data, so eDiscovery readiness is essential.

How do You Become eDiscovery Ready?

Becoming eDiscovery ready is about the way you manage your data. You need to ensure you are proactive in where and how you store information. Whenever records are being held, the potential requirement for eDiscovery should always be kept in mind.

It is also important that you find the appropriate email archiving solution, making sure your company email is available to share rapidly and efficiently. Email can be a really difficult data source to control as each employee will use and store their email differently.  It can provide the biggest headache if you’re not prepared to handle email eDiscovery requests.

The right email archive solution is key improving your eDiscovery readiness.

If the regulator calls, an eDiscovery request could cost your company a lot of time and effort. Making sure you find the right data storage and email archiving solution today could save you money tomorrow.

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