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The Top 5 Benefits of Email Archiving

5Having an email archive is not always the first thing on the minds of business owners. Email is an often-forgotten function, everyone’s so used to it now it’s almost become second nature. But the benefits of email archiving could be very valuable to any business.

Let’s have a look at the top five benefits of email archiving:

1.     Ensuring Compliance

    Every business is required to comply with regulations on how they manage their data. As email is the main form of communication it is an important corporate record so must be stored correctly. One of the key benefits of email archiving is that it stores your email in compliance with all data storage legislation.

    2.     eDiscovery

      Because email is an important corporate record, you may need to provide email documents if your company is ever involved in a lawsuit. Another of the major benefits of email archiving is that it makes finding email in your archive easy.

      3.     Storage

        When you think of the benefits of email archiving, the first thought most people have is storage. By storing your email archive off your email server, you save space and server usage. This benefits smaller businesses in particular.

        4.     Better Management of Email

          In the past, companies had to rely on staff to manage their own individual email archive. Some companies still do. Another one of the benefits of email archiving is that it manages your email records, so you don’t have to.

          5.     Disaster Recovery

            If the worst happens, you don’t want to lose your whole email archive and the information stored within that archive along with the other damage a disaster can cause. One of the benefits of email archiving is that you can recover all of your email history in one click.

            These are only some of the benefits of email archiving. It may not always be your first concern, but with these benefits, email archiving is certainly worth thinking about.

            All of these benefits mean that email archiving can improve your organization and be used as a strategic tool to cut costs, such as discovery costs, and improve performance. Download our white paper "The Benefits of Email Archiving" and see how email archiving is more than just a storage facility.

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