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Email Archiving Solutions – Don’t leave it until the last minute

email archivingA lot of companies ignore email archiving solutions until it’s too late. They assume they don’t need an email archiving solution, until the day they find out they do need one, urgently.

Email Archiving Solutions make Legal Matters Easier

An urgent need for an email archiving solution can come about for a number of reasons. The most pressing need can come from a lawsuit taken against the company because email often contains vital evidence in modern court cases. Companies who ignore email archiving solutions can find themselves with huge legal bills mounting up while they sift through old data trying to find a single email.

Email archiving solutions allow businesses to quickly and easily find the evidence. With the right solution that manual search is replaced by a single keyword search.


Email Archiving Solutions Keep the Regulator Happy

A call from a regulator can also send companies into a desperate search for an email archiving solution. Most industries are highly regulated these days, and there are specific regulations that govern how email data should be managed. Email archiving solutions solve this problem by automatically storing all email in a compliant format.

Companies without an email archiving solution might suffer severe consequences if they haven’t managed their email correctly. Depending on the industry, non-compliant email retention can lead to huge fines.


Email Archiving Solutions Mean Better Email Storage

The area most commonly associated with email archiving solutions is storage space. Companies often discover their need for an email archiving solution when their servers fill up. Because email serves as an important corporate record, companies can’t afford to just blanket delete email data.

Email archiving solutions allow companies to keep their old email data and manage it in a better way. They also provide masses of extra storage space so the problem never comes up again.

Too many companies leave email archiving solutions until they have a big problem. But with the right solution, businesses can be brought back from the brink. Of course email archiving solutions are even better when you get one before you really need it.


Using an email archiving appliance has many benefits over traditional storage units. We have put together a white paper of 10 benefits that email archiving can offer you and your business. Click here to download.


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