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Email Storage Management and the Haystack

email storageWhat does your email look like? I don’t mean your signature, or the email provider. I’m sure they look great. I mean your email storage system. If you were to represent it visually, what would you see?

Would the mails be structured in systematic, clean and regimented order? Or would it be a random pile of files? If you have a specific email storing management plan it’s probably the former. If you leave your email storage management to chance, or you have no idea what it would look like, it’s most likely the latter.


Effective Email Storage Management Creates Order

Now imagine you need to pick out a single message from your email storage. How easy would that be? Would it just be a single search? Or a slow trawl through pages and pages of files? Would it be like finding an email in a haystack?

You might be thinking that, even if it is that bad, it doesn’t matter to you. You rarely have to recover old emails anyway. But good email storage management is important for every business. If you have allowed your email storage to become a cluttered pile of data, it could end up costing you money.


How Do you Find an Email in Haystack?

If your company is involved in a lawsuit, you will need to go through the process of eDiscovery. Within that process it’s likely that your lawyers will need to see a particular email. What if they need to delve into your email storage to do that? In a lot of cases they’ll engage in a forensic audit of that email storage, and you’ll get the bill.

If your email storage is like a haystack, the bill will be a big one. But effective email storage management could save you all of that trouble. Good email storage is easily searchable, so you’ll find the required evidence without having to dive into the haystack.

Email storage management may not be the first thing on your businesses mind. But it is important think about what you’re email storage looks like. And make sure you get it in order, before it really piles up.

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