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Reasons for Email Archiving: Saving Time

email archivingThe clock is ticking. Imagine you have to find an email that’s worth thousands of dollars to your company. The longer you take to find it, the more money it’ll cost you. Where would you start?

One of the main reasons for email archiving is that it gives you quick access to old emails through keyword searches. So finding old emails is simple, but what do you do if you don’t have an email archive?


Quick Search is one of the main Reasons for Email Archiving

The email we’re looking for contains vital information for a lawsuit being brought by a former employee. The email proves they’re in the wrong but without it, your company could end up with a massive compensation package to pay. If you had that email you could clear it up in minute but you don’t; and time’s running out.

The email was sent at the beginning of the year, maybe the end of last year. It was sent between two of the former employees’ superiors but you’re not sure which two. How do you find it? Creating order is one of the main reasons for email archiving, and without an email archive you’ll need to work hard to find the email.


Order, Just one of the Reasons for Email Archiving

The alternative to searching an archive is to get an audit of your email, that’s the option your lawyers are pushing. But it’ll cost thousands. If you could only find the email yourself, you’d save that money.

It was sent about 6 months ago, so is it still stored online or is it in a tape archive? If so which tape? And how far along? How long will it take to run the tape and how much time will it cost you if it’s the wrong one?

There are many reasons for email archiving; a key benefit is the simplicity it brings to finding old email. They’re all held in the same place where they’re easily retrievable.

But without that order you could waste time and money searching for a vital piece of evidence. The former employee is forcing the issue; they’re going to court unless you can prove them wrong today. You’ve run out of time.

In the long list of good reasons for email archiving, saving time is one of the best.

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