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Common Mistakes Businesses make with Email Archiving Solutions

third party email archivingIn every business, efficiency is key. All business owners want to run their business in the most efficient and cost effective manner. When it comes to email archiving that means trying to manage their email as cheaply as possible.

Some businesses don’t engage in a third party email archiving solution because they think it saves them money. In fact it is most likely costing them money long-term. This is just one of many common procedural mistakes businesses make with their email. Businesses make these kinds of mistakes all the time. Let’s look at two more procedures that could be made more efficient with an email archiving solution.


Getting an Email Audit for eDiscovery

When businesses end up involved in lawsuits, they have to go through the eDiscovery process. Within this process there are usually requests for email documents, which means delving into your email archive. Most businesses that don’t have an email archiving solution will then engage an outside agent to audit their email to find the requested documents. This is usually a time consuming and costly process.

But with an email archiving solution, all it takes is a single keyword search to find the required emails. And a good email archiving solution will often cost less long-term than a single one-off audit.


Backing up Email to Tape

Tape backups are still extremely common in business. Most companies use these to back up all of their data, including their email. This is often a cost effective solution for back up of data that needs to be held, but is not required on a regular basis. The problem with this solution is that it is merely a storage solution rather than an archive. When you store your email on tape, there is only one way to find a single email and that’s to run the tape. Which takes time and costs money.

With an email archiving solution, it’s just a simple search. While a tape has to be physically found, so you can run it; email archiving solutions can be searched from your desk.

There are a lot of things businesses do to avoid unwanted costs. But avoiding an email archiving solution shouldn’t be one of them. Because it’s only when you need an email archive that you’ll see how it could have saved you money.

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