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3 Criteria for Finding the Best Email Archiving Solution

Best Email Archiving SolutionEvery company, in every industry, will need to invest in an email archiving solution. Email is such a common form of communication and the need for structure and storage space is so great, there’s no way companies will be able to avoid it forever. So if you’re looking into email archiving, you’ll want to find the best email archiving solution for your business.

The criteria for the best email archiving solution will vary from company to company. Some industries will have different needs to others. But there are some criteria that are vital for all industries. Let’s look at 3 of the most important criteria in finding the best email archiving solution.


It’s a basic answer, but that’s because it’s a basic need. What an email archiving solution does for your business essentially is to simplify the way your company’s emails are stored and make them easy to access. So if that simplification is complicated or difficult to use, then it’s not really doing it’s job. So the best email archiving solutions will be the ones that are easy to use. 

Search Capabilities:

Again, one of the key functions of an email archiving solution is allowing you to manage your email records easily. The search capabilities are key to this function. For compliance and eDiscovery, you need to be able to find old email easily so it’s vital that the best email archiving solutions have powerful search capabilities.

Value For Money:

This isn’t just criteria for the best email archiving solution. This is a criterion for every acquisition your company makes. For email archiving, the value for money really comes through the long-term costs. For example, if you’re involved in a single lawsuit you may find an email audit is a cheaper one off cost, or maybe an equivalent cost to an email archiving solution. But if you’re involved or two or three lawsuits over the lifetime of the business; email archiving will definitely be cheaper because you only make one upfront payment for the installation.

There are many different criteria for the best email archiving solutions. Your company is best placed to figure out its own needs. But for every company the most cost effective and best email archiving solution will have an easy to use and powerful search function.

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