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Email Archiving Solutions: ‘Are we Going to Make Money Doing This?’

describe the imageThere’s a common small business phrase, often used to identify inefficient working practices, that is particularly relevant to email archiving solutions. The phrase is normally accompanied by a story of a wise business head chastising a subordinate for overcomplicating a job. The result is a question asked of the subordinate, ‘Are we going to make money doing this?’

The question is particularly pertinent for companies who haven’t invested in an email archiving solution. When you look at the way you manage email in your business, ask yourself if it’s the best use of your employee’s time. If you’re trying to manage your email manually, the answer will most likely be ‘no’.

Without an Email Archiving Solution, eDiscovery can be a Slow Process

Let’s apply the question to email archiving solutions and eDiscovery. If your organization is involved in a lawsuit, which most organizations will be at some point, you will go through the eDiscovery process. Which involves the sharing of digitally held information between parties involved in the case. As email is a major corporate record these days, email will form a large part of any eDiscovery request.

If you don’t have an email archiving solution, there are two ways to find old email for eDiscovery. One is to do it manually. Which means trawling through email records or running tape backups, over the course of hours, days or even weeks depending on how much data you have to sift through. Which means instead of their normal duties, you’ll have employees spending all of this time on a task that an email archiving solution can achieve in minutes.

In the Long Run Email Audits cost more than Email Archiving Solutions

Alternatively, you could hire a third party to perform an email audit. This process is almost as time-consuming, but at least it’s not your man-hours. However, it does come at a cost. The cost of one email audit may or may not exceed the cost of an email archiving solution. But as soon as you engage in a second audit, the cost will be way in excess of email archiving solution costs.

Neither option is more cost effective or quicker than an email archiving solution. So if you decide to manage your email this way, instead of using an email archiving solution, ask yourself one question. ‘Are we going to make money doing this?’

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