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3 Ways You can Help with Email Storage Management

email storage managementEmail storage management is one of those important business tasks that most workers rarely see in action. The majority of us just hit ‘send’ and assume that’s the end of the matter. For your IT department, it’s not that simple.

Email needs to be managed and with so much regulation around email retention, that management process becomes all the more important. Email storage management may not be a process you see, but it is something you can help with. 

1. Get Your Attachments Right

The most common mistake in email history is clicking ‘reply all’ when you meant to click ‘reply’. But it’s closely followed by the ‘please find attached’ email with no attachment. This might just be a minor embarrassment for you, but it can create an email storage management issue.

The follow up you’re forced to send creates extra email traffic but it also creates regulatory or eDiscovery problems. Scanning an old tape for a particular email is a lot more difficult when important attachments are included in an email that just says ‘Doh’.

2. Stop Forwarding

Amusing your colleagues may not be part of your job description, but it might be something you just throw in for free by forwarding funny images you saw on twitter. Ignoring the fact that most staff hate being included on these mails, they also clog up email storage management systems with pointless spam.

3. Don’t go Off Topic

Work is a lot easier when you get along with your colleagues. The days go faster when you have people around whose company you enjoy. You just need to make sure that rapport doesn’t end up taking over business conversations.

It can be nice to throw in a friendly comment into a business discussion, but if you get sidetracked you could end up wasting time and creating more email traffic.

Email storage management is a vital part of the business process. You can’t do business without email, and you can’t have email that isn’t managed. All it takes is a little care in what you send and who you send it too and you can keep your IT department happy.

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