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Time: 2 Compelling Reasons for Email Archiving

email archivingTime is a vital business commodity. Most working weeks end up as desperate races against time. Whether you’re trying to beat a deadline or trying to find a work life balance, you could always do with more time.

Time is also one of the most compelling reasons for email archiving. Or more accurately time is two of the most compelling reasons for email archiving.

1. Email Archiving Can Give You Time Back

Email is a vital part of business communication, which means it generates a huge amount of traffic and a huge amount of data. Without an email archiving system that data needs to be managed by someone within your organization. That could mean manual backup of data via tape or the imposition of mailbox limits, requiring staff to delete non-vital emails manually. Those processes take time, time that could be spent working on other things.

Compliance and eDiscovery also provide time saving reasons for email archiving. Both processes could require you to engage in an email audit, costing both time and money. Email archiving solutions make your email data easily searchable, speeding up both eDiscovery and compliance requests and giving that time back to your business.

2. It’s Already Running Out

Time never stops. No matter what you do, you have less time now than you had before. This fact is particularly important in relation to email archiving solutions. The more time you spend using email, without an email archiving solution, the more unmanageable your email becomes. Time is a reason for email archiving, because your time could run out at any moment.

If you receive an eDiscovery request, or you find yourself running out of server space, it could already be too late. The most compelling reasons for email archiving are the ways it makes eDiscovery, compliance and email retention easy. If you don’t have an email archiving solution, not only are you losing out on those advantages, your problem is actually getting worse.

Managing your time is one of the most difficult day-to-day challenges in business. The best reasons for email archiving are measured in the same way, in time.

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