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No Email Archive System? No Backup? No Chance!

email archive systemThese days, the most important business conversations take place through email or online. Which means that email is often used as evidence in corporate lawsuits. In some situations, whole court cases turn on a single email. If you don’t have an email archive system, winning that case becomes a difficult proposition.

The Email in the Haystack

The more email you send, the more data there is to sift through. If you don’t have an email archive system to sort the data, you will need to engage in a costly professional email audit. If you don’t have a defined backup solution either, that audit could ultimately be fruitless. Email servers and online clients can’t guarantee long-term storage of email data. If you haven’t backed up that data it could be lost, along with your case.

The Storage Timebomb

Speaking of storage, you should remember that all storage is limited. Eventually, all data storage fills up. With so much email traffic generated by even the smallest business, your email storage is always in danger of filling up. If you’ve never had to add more storage space, that day could be coming soon.

Some servers are even built to automatically jettison information after a certain period. Which means vital evidence could already have disappeared. A good email archive system will define and back up important email data, so you never lose that case-winning evidence.

The Delete Dilemma

Even if that evidence isn’t deleted by an automated system, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to recover it. We all deal with so much email these days; deleting email has become a task we all have to perform. For most people that process involves bulk deleting of whole sections of a mailbox. With so many other things on your mind, it’s hard to find the time to delete email individually.

This presents a problem, because bulk deletes can mean accidental deletes. An email archive system prevents this issue, by automatically backing up to the archive. It will also prevent deletes within the archive. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to intentionally ruin your case.

You can’t win a court case without evidence. If that evidence is an email, you need to make sure you can find it. That’s far easier with an email archive system.

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