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It’s not Too Late to get an Email Archiving Solution

email archivingThere are a number of common themes when you talk about email archiving solutions. You’ll always hear about related to compliance, eDiscovery and storage as the benefits of email archiving. Another of those themes is time. An email archive can save you time and time is also a reason you should get one.

Email Archives Can be Built Retrospectively

The most common piece of advice you’ll get is to start archiving now, before it’s too late. The ‘too late’ in this instance relate back to the other themes mentioned. You need to get an email archiving solution before your storage runs out. Or you have a complex eDiscovery request to respond to. Or you need to report to the regulator.

When you hear all of this, it’s natural to think that it could already be too late. That your email storage is already so clogged up that an archive couldn’t save you. Thankfully, that’s not the case. A good email archiving solution will allow you to retroactively pull old emails into the archive. Even if you’ve been neglecting your email and it’s getting out of control, you can regain control with an archiving solution.

But You Still Can’t Ignore Archiving

That doesn’t mean you can go on ignoring your email though. If you’re not archiving your email, you do need to start. If you do find yourself with a regulatory or eDiscovery request, that’s going to be a slow and expensive process without an email archive. If you wait until that time to invest in an email archive, you’re overcomplicating a simple process.

If you get an email archiving solution now, you can work with your provider to build your retroactive archive. If you try to do that under the pressure of a legal timeline, it’s a far more complex task. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll be able to complete the request through your new archive. By that time, the emails you require may already have been deleted, or your current backups may be corrupt.

If you’re considering an email archiving solution, there are two facts you need to take into account: It’s not too late, yet.

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