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Email Archiving Protects You From a Legal & Digital Storm



With the awful events in the US at the moment, the weather and storms are at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds. In business, there’s a metaphorical storm that you need to keep in mind to. The best way to deal with it is email archiving.


Rain – Compliance

Compliance requests fall down upon you from on high, and while they might seem like minor issues on their own they can grow into a big problem. While the East Coast of the US has been dealing with real rain this week, businesses deal with compliance on a day-to-day basis. When you receive a compliance request, it’s all about preparation.


Just like an umbrella in the rain, email archiving means your email system is prepared for any compliance request. Email archiving retains your email in a secure, compliant manner and allows them to be easily searched and categorized. Which makes responding to requests for email documents a simple task.


Wind – eDiscovery

If your company ends up involved in a lawsuit, you will have to deal with eDiscovery. The process of exchanging digital documents for a lawsuit can be the source of a lot of hot air. Lawyers often make broad eDiscovery requests in order to ensure they get the documents they require.


That could mean a costly email audit if you don’t have an email archiving solution. Email archiving allows for easy recovery and delivery of email records. Without an email archive, you could end up tied up in the eDiscovery process for weeks, if not months.


Flooding – Email Storage

Most of us feel flooded by email every day. They flow in from every angle and fill up our inboxes, leaving us wading through message after message to find what we need. We use tools like spam filters to bail out some of the unwanted flood, but we still end up with a lot of email. Which means we require a lot of email storage space.


Email archiving allows you to shift your email records to a dedicated system, rather than retaining it through traditional storage. That frees up a lot of space, and allows users to keep as much of their required email as possible, while funneling the rest into the archive. That reduces the chance of an accidental delete and ensures the flood doesn’t clog your systems.


With email archiving you can turn your own superstorm into nothing more than an autumn shower.

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