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Does Your Email Storage Management System Need a Diet?

emaildietFeeling bloated? Are things moving a little bit slower than usual? Starting to get the feeling that you need to trim a bit off the sides? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Most companies suffer a similar email overload. It’s natural to look for ways to reduce the pressure on your email storage management systems. There are a number of ways to fight that flab.

Cutting Out the Empty Carbs

The biggest contributor to the email overload are empty or pointless mails or mail chains. The most important business emails are those that relay or generate key decisions. Conversational or spammy internal mails add little value to your business and put undue pressure on email storage management. A strict email usage policy should reduce the number of empty emails and help you keep a trim email storage management system.

Calorie Counting

One of the more popular ways to slim down is to apply email data quotas. A lot of businesses limit inboxes to ensure that employees retain important email and delete the rest. This can be a useful tactic, but it can be a little counter-productive. It can mean your employees might keep the less important emails and delete the important ones. Which can lead to a leaner but less useful email system and could even leave you open to serious legal issues.

Thinking Thin

There’s an aesthetic issue here too. Your business may be struggling to deal with more than just the weight of the data involved. The level of physical storage required may also be an issue. If you back up your email to physical drives like tapes, you may find you’re dealing with an ugly pile of bulk.

Trimming down your email storage management systems takes time, hard work and dedication. Alternatively, you could consider using an email archiving solution. That way you reduce the physical bulk and create a more efficient email system, without creating restrictive policy or reducing your employees enjoyment of their email usage. It’s like that slimming wonder drug you’ve always dreamed of.

Using an email archiving appliance has many benefits over traditional storage units. We have put together a white paper of 10 benefits that email archiving can offer you and your business. Download Now!

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