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Our Email Instincts Cause eDiscovery Problems

iStock 000017107179XSmallA lot of what we do is automatic. We don’t walk around thinking ‘left, right, left, right’; we can’t forget to breathe. Our instincts allow us to ignore vital daily requirements; they allow us to focus on other things because we live without thinking.

Technology performs a similar task for us. It allows us to complete really complex tasks without much thought. These days we can use various types of technology to contact friends, colleagues and clients with a simple click of a mouse. We don’t have to think about the journey the information takes, because it feels instant.

And we’ve gotten really used to having instant communication at our fingertips. We’ve gotten so comfortable with it that we often send messages without thinking. This can cause an eDiscovery problem.

eDiscovery Costs Time and Money

eDiscovery is the process of sharing digital information between parties involved in a lawsuit. It’s become a vital part of the litigation process, because whole cases can turn on an email. In many cases the emails involved are flippant, short hand notes that read as admissions of guilt in court. Millions of dollars could be awarded based an email someone sent without thinking.

Before the case even reaches that point, the eDiscovery process can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive. It involves trawling through reams of data trying to find the right email. If that email was sent with little thought to its repercussions or sent by someone who sends a lot of flippant mail, that process could be even longer.

Email Archiving is an Ironic Solution

The cost of an email audit for eDiscovery can seriously hamper an organizations cash flow, and it can lead some executives to suddenly start thinking about the emails they send. The irony here is that the best technological solution to this eDiscovery problem is automatic too.

An email archiving solution stores your email in a secure, compliant and searchable archive automatically. Once the archive is set up, it will start archiving immediately. You never have to think about where your email will be retained or how that will affect eDiscovery.

Which gives you more time to think about the email you send and avoid the lawsuit instead.

eDiscovery has become a business necessity in recent times due to the massive growth Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and increasingly strict compliance regulations. Our eDiscovery white paper will guide you through the most important things you need to know regarding eDiscovery. Download Now!


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