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The Circular Nature of Email Compliance Solutions

describe the imageIn business, you encounter a lot of loops. It seems like every system, every solution and every procedure is circular. We see charts, presentations and documents every day that talk about assessment, implementation, monitoring and repetition. It’s all circles. It all comes back to the beginning and starts again.

Email Compliance Solutions

Email compliance solutions like email archiving work the very same way. The theory on compliance is that every document you create follows a path in which it is properly used, properly stored and is available for recovery at all times. With an email archive the circular process starts at a user sending an email, the email is stored within the solution and placed within a searchable structure. Later the user returns to search for the email and the archive returns it in its original format.

The irony of this description of email compliance solutions is that they are designed to prevent an email from completing a different circle. If you don’t think about email compliance and work without a retention and recovery process it doesn’t make the emails less likely to return. It makes them more likely to come back to haunt you.

The difference is that when they come back, they come back in the form of a regulatory request. If you are unable to complete a regulatory request, it could have a huge impact on you and your business.

Completing the Loop

Email compliance solutions and email archives let you send the appropriate material straight back. You just become a small part of the compliance loop. You complete your request and the world keeps turning.

We encounter a lot of loops in business. Almost everything we create comes back to us in some form. With email compliance the important thing is making sure that you are prepared for whatever comes around.

Deleting can be a very scary thought and the consequences are even scarier. Email archiving can’t prevent you from making the mistake, but it can help you avoid the consequences.


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