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Lance Armstrong, Manti T’eo, eDiscovery and Burying the truth

describe the imageThey say the truth will out. That statement has never felt truer than it does this week. As we prepared for Lance Armstrong’s confession last night most of us found ourselves reading about a young sportsman who has found himself wrapped up in another web of lies. It’s incredible to see the two stories fall in line so perfectly.               

Another thing ‘they’ say is that you learn something new every day. If yesterday taught us anything it’s that the truth really will catch up with you eventually. In business, there is technology specifically designed to ensure that the truth catches up with liars.

eDiscovery is About Finding the Truth

Which brings us to eDiscovery. In simple terms, eDiscovery is the process of sharing digital information in the event of a lawsuit. This digital extension of the discovery process is required because so much business data is held online these days. It’s become a crucial topic for businesses because digital used to be viewed as an easy way to bury the truth. After all, digital files can be deleted at the touch of a button. 

With eDiscovery, that deletion will be uncovered pretty quickly. It’s also become a pretty severe crime to intentionally delete sensitive information. The advent of digital communication and the increased used of digital business documents has actually made it a lot harder to cover your tracks.

Emails Often Hold the Key

As a business owner, you will be confident that there are no untruths that might catch up on your business. You will be secure in the integrity of your staff. However, every business is likely to encounter the eDiscovery process at some point. No matter how honest you are, eventually someone will land you in court.

The key to surviving that process and avoiding a huge eDiscovery bill is to be prepared. In the case of Manti T’eo, old posts left on a social network caught out the people who created his fake girlfriend. In business, your lawsuit could unravel because of an old email message. The best way to prepare for that is to use an email archiving solution. It will make sure you know the truth, before it catches up with you.

eDiscovery has become a business necessity in recent times due to the massive growth Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and increasingly strict compliance regulations. Our eDiscovery white paper will guide you through the most important things you need to know regarding eDiscovery. Download Now!

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