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How Federal Cyberspace Security Legislation Can Affect Your Business

cybersecurity, email privacy, email regulationsNew legislation has been signed specifically targeting cybersecurity. Agencies will be required to ensure privacy and civil liabilities are protected in all their cyberspace activities. Whether you are a government agency or a private company, there is a lot that can be taken from what is contained in this legislation.


The federal cybersecurity legislation is a new cybersecurity order aimed at protecting privacy and civil liabilities associated with cyberactivity. With privacy risks posing a real threat in today’s digital climate, the legislation aims to make privacy an inbuilt feature of all cyberspace activity carried about by government agencies.

Real world implications

The legislation contains guidelines for integrating privacy into all online activity. Rather than the government monitoring the private networks of an agency, it recognizes that it is better for security and privacy to have private entities work to protect their own systems.

Agencies will also be required to assess the privacy risks that may be associated with their networks and publically publish the report. This report is then to be updated annually.

Guidelines for your business

Your business, whether it is a public agency or private company, can take a lot from this legislation. Keeping security and privacy as key features in all your online activity will prove very beneficial in the long run. Assess your cybersecurity and any potential liabilities and consider a solution that will protect your company and your customers.

Using a service like Jatheon’s email archiving is a secure way to store your email communication. Email archiving securely stores and retains all the emails that are sent and received. Once stored, they cannot be tampered with or corrupted during recovery. They are also encrypted so if any attempt is made to access the data from the outside, no information can be retrieved.

Regardless of whether this legislation directly applies to your business or agency, there is a lesson to be taken from these guidelines on cybersecurity. Making privacy and security critical elements in your online activity will stand to protect and benefit your business in the long run.


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