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email archiving,litigation, email archive systemKeeping track of your company’s communication with clients and customers is a long-held tradition with many benefits. Just as some companies record the phone conversations their customer service staff conduct – having an email archive in place can be beneficial for so many reasons.


Having a record of all your company’s communication should be an important part of your overall record keeping. Invoices and order sheets are one thing, but that may not include quotes, finer details of a sales agreement or assurances of a delivery time. Keeping a record of the communication between you and your client means there will be minimal confusion or disagreement.


In addition to these records being important for your client relationships, they are also very important for you and your business’s security. A secure email archive system means any delicate data is safe and secure. If any bank details, credit card numbers or passwords were exchanged via email the risk of this information being accessed from the outside is minimized.


In cases of litigation, it is important to be able to provide accurate evidence. The more concrete evidence you can provide the less likely it is you will be caught up in a he-said-she-said argument. What’s more is that these secure records of yours can be guaranteed to be authentic and un-touched while they were in your archive. When you need proof, you’ll have it in writing.

Whatever the reason you choose to implement an email archive into your business, you may not be aware of the other benefits it may provide. Of course it may be a case of legal compliance, but there are a number of occasions where it could be beneficial to your business operations, customer relations or just providing you with piece of mind.


Every business can benefit from an email archiving system. Download our free white paper which outlines the top 10 benefits of email archiving.

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