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Is an Email Archive Cost Effective?

email archiving, cost effectiveYou’d be forgiven for thinking that taking on an email archive, another piece of hardware, could increase your costs. In fact the opposite is true. Email archives can be cost effective in a number of ways, adding to the benefits they can provide for your company.


If you were to attempt to archive your emails without a dedicated solution, you could end up with multiple servers and hard drives. These servers need to be kept running constantly as well as maintained. Hard drives need to be backed up regularly onto additional hard drives. The cost of running and maintaining this system increases all the time. An email archive eliminates these costs. Instead you only need to run a single piece of hardware that does the work of many.


The pressure on your system without an email archive has the potential to cause costly problems. With resources straining under the pressure to keep your email data stored, systems slow down and are more likely to fail and need replacing – not to mention the loss of data. Maintenance for overloaded hardware is more frequent and possibly more costly as older data is extracted and stored elsewhere. Your email archive relieves your email server and hard drives of this unnecessary pressure and reduces the risk of a failure.


Effective email archiving really comes into its own when litigation is concerned. eDiscovery is a necessary and potentially costly process, especially if it takes longer than it should. Your email archive is easily searchable with keyword filters and advanced options to make retrieving important information quicker and more efficient. This means routine checks of the archive can be performed quickly, or, in cases of litigation, legal costs are kept down by reducing the time spent gathering information.

It’s very clear how email archiving is cost effective. Streamlining your email storage with a dedicated solution means your other systems don’t have to bare the strain and you know you can quickly access your data whenever you need to.


Email archiving is cost-effective but has many more benefits. Download our free white paper which outlines the top 10 benefits of email archiving.

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