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Making Your Email Searchable

ediscoveryBefore you even perform an eDiscovery request, it is a good habit to have your emails easily searchable.

In the short term it’s easier to find that message from Frank in accounting sent last week about bowling, but in the long term it can streamline your searches for more important information. Not that bowling wasn’t important.

SEO Subject Lines

SEO isn’t just for websites and fame-hungry bloggers. Anything that helps you find what you’re looking for quickly is optimization. We’re all guilty of writing “Hello” or “Quick Question” or leaving subject lines blank. When in fact something along the lines of “Question Re: Email Policy” would be far more productive. Instantly your recipient knows what they are about to read and more importantly when searching for specific documents in the future the relevant information is more easily found.

Staying on topic when writing emails

Business email gets a lot of abuse, from sending pictures of the Christmas party to organising a cake for the receptionist’s birthday. We can clog up our inboxes with a lot of nonsense, a lot of which we can do away with. While we can’t cut back on client emails, emails between colleagues don’t need to be essays either. Got a quick question? Just go ahead and ask it, we don’t need the full backstory unless absolutely necessary.

Give up using Reply All when replying to emails

Reply All is a dangerous option. What begins as a mass message quickly becomes two people having a conversation that everyone is caught up in. Sending an email to a number of people isn’t a problem, but replying to every one of the recipients is. Does everyone need to hear your response and so cause multiple duplicates of the same message on the email servers? Probably not. Use this option with restraint.

Searchable email doesn’t have to begin and end with eDiscovery; in fact your eDiscovery becomes far more straightforward when everyone is in the habit of optimizing their email for searchability. Searchable email is easy to read, easy to archive and easy to extract information from.

So banish the jargon and save the chitchat for coffee break.

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