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Are Attachments Weighing Down your Email Server?

Attaching images to emails is commonplace. Graphic-rich emails are being sent on a daily basis. From holiday photos, graphs or design proofs users are sending large attachments without giving it any thought. But businesses should give it some thought. These attachments could potentially take up a lot of space on email servers, slowing them down and running the risk of a crash. So what can be done to avoid this strain on your hardware? Should you implement limitations or relieve the pressure on the server with effective email archiving.

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Email Archives and the Inevitability of eDiscovery

Death and taxes. These are apparently the two things we all must accept in life. They are inevitable. Any attempts to avoid them will either land you in jail or you’ll spend your entire life trying to come up with some kind of elixir that makes you immortal. For businesses there is another inevitability to expect: eDiscovery requests. The county council of Clarksville, Tennessee learned that life lesson before they ended up with egg on their face. Let’s look at why installing an email archiving system was important for them and why it should be important to your business.

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Bossier’s Failure Shows Importance of Good Archiving Policy

Why have an email archiving policy? Are you ever really going to need to access your email archive? You might think you’ll never need it, but just like the airbags in your car, someday the email archiving policy you established many moons ago may just be your saviour. The school board of Bossier, Louisiana learned that the hard way when they failed to produce emails requested by attorney John E. Settle. In the end the judge deemed that there was no cause of action in the lawsuit and the school board were off the hook. But there are still lessons to be learned from this example of a poor archiving policy.

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A Challenge in Football Is No Different to an eDiscovery Request

One of the things the past NFL season will be remembered for is some of the questionable refereeing decisions that were called. When one guy is raising his arms to call a touchdown and another is frantically waving his hands saying it was an incomplete pass, you know someone’s made a big mistake. Those decisions could be the difference between a team winning or losing, securing a place in the playoffs or their season ending abruptly. This is why coaches’ challenges are so important in football. They can allow a team to regain an advantage because the referees missed something. In many ways a challenge in football is no different to a business receiving an eDiscovery request.

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Lance Armstrong, Manti T’eo, eDiscovery and Burying the truth

They say the truth will out. That statement has never felt truer than it does this week. As we prepared for Lance Armstrong’s confession last night most of us found ourselves reading about a young sportsman who has found himself wrapped up in another web of lies. It’s incredible to see the two stories fall in line so perfectly.               

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Each Stage of a Business Email’s Life Creates a Business Risk

We’ve become very familiar with business email. Most of us send them without a second thought. We see email as a quick form of communication, nothing more. But that isn’t always the case. Every business email has the potential to hurt your business, at every stage in its existence.

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The Circular Nature of Email Compliance Solutions

In business, you encounter a lot of loops. It seems like every system, every solution and every procedure is circular. We see charts, presentations and documents every day that talk about assessment, implementation, monitoring and repetition. It’s all circles. It all comes back to the beginning and starts again.

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Our Email Instincts Cause eDiscovery Problems

A lot of what we do is automatic. We don’t walk around thinking ‘left, right, left, right’; we can’t forget to breathe. Our instincts allow us to ignore vital daily requirements; they allow us to focus on other things because we live without thinking.

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What is Your Real Life Email Archive Solution?

The term ‘email archive solution’ sounds really technical. In some ways it is. But it can also be broken down into something very simple. An email archive solution is just a safe place to keep an email until you need it. Of course, businesses have thousands of emails and huge archives but the principal is the same.

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5 Email Retention Resolutions for 2013

The New Year is upon us, and it’s time for a few resolutions. People are taking up jogging, gyms are packed and cigarettes and chocolate sit untouched on store shelves. This is a time when we all try to make changes for the better. But we shouldn’t restrict those changes to our personal lives. Your email retention procedure could use some positive changes there too.                          

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