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Why Archiving Email Could Save you from 20 years in Prison

When people talk about archiving email, they often use fairly discreet language. They say things like ‘compliance’ and ‘eDiscovery’. They point out that archiving email helps with lawsuits and makes email retention simpler. These phrases are helpful in identifying the benefits of archiving email, but they don’t quite cover the stark realities involved.

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eDiscovery and Email Archiving in Numbers

There are a lot of reasons to invest in email archiving. You’ll often hear case studies or anecdotal examples of how it makes eDiscovery simpler and helps drive efficiency. Usually these points are made using long and detailed examples.

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Which Personal Email Archiving Solution Do You Use?

We all manage our personal email differently based on our own email archiving “solutions.” Research by the Association for Computing Machinery found that there are four types of email managers, each with a different method for personal email archiving. Generally, we all fall into one of these four categories:

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Help! My Email Has Disappeared!

A surprisingly large number of people will learn too late about the importance of a good email archiving solutionThere are a number of reasons and ways we can lose our email messages, and attachments. Unless you have had a total system crash (where everything is wiped), it may be possible to recover your lost email. Of course having an email archiving appliance would make this a breeze, but if you don’t there are some methods that you can try:

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Stay Ahead of SEC Whistleblowers with Email Archiving

On August 12 of this year, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s new whistleblower rules came into effect. Under the new rules, the SEC has launched a new website for employees and people to report violations of federal securities laws. There can also be a financial reward for doing so. What does this mean? It means people will be more eager than ever before to report violations of compliance laws, and your organization should be prepared.

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