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When an employee resigns, what happens to their e-mail?

People leave, it’s a fact of life. It just happens. Their desk is cleared, their office re-assigned, they may even be replaced... But what is to be done with their company email account?

Some companies will have an email retention policy, others will deal with the situation when it arises, but one thing for sure, the information will need to be accessed at a future time. This may happen for either unforeseen data requirements, compliance reasons or in response to an eDiscovery request.

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How Good is Your Email Regulatory Compliance Procedure?

Procedure is one of the most common words in the business vernacular. Every business has it’s own procedures; even the ones that use phrases like policy, process or method instead of procedure. Procedure is important in making sure that a business operates correctly. It’s particularly important in legal matters like eDiscovery and regulatory compliance.

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