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How Good is Your Email Regulatory Compliance Procedure?

Procedure is one of the most common words in the business vernacular. Every business has it’s own procedures; even the ones that use phrases like policy, process or method instead of procedure. Procedure is important in making sure that a business operates correctly. It’s particularly important in legal matters like eDiscovery and regulatory compliance.

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Is Mobile Instant Messaging the Future of Business Communication?

Last week, WhatsApp, a mobile instant messaging app announced that it had hit a daily message record of 10 billion messages a day. Those are enormous figures and they may offer the first insight to future online and mobile communication. WhatsApp is, of course, not designed for business but it has the potential to rival many services that are.

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What’s the Problem With Email?

Many of us spend every day with email by our side. It’s the main form of communication used in business and the starting point for almost every service you can use online. It’s not just something people can use; it’s intrinsic to modern life.

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eDiscovery and Email Archiving in Numbers

There are a lot of reasons to invest in email archiving. You’ll often hear case studies or anecdotal examples of how it makes eDiscovery simpler and helps drive efficiency. Usually these points are made using long and detailed examples.

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Email Archiving Solutions: ‘Are we Going to Make Money Doing This?’

There’s a common small business phrase, often used to identify inefficient working practices, that is particularly relevant to email archiving solutions. The phrase is normally accompanied by a story of a wise business head chastising a subordinate for overcomplicating a job. The result is a question asked of the subordinate, ‘Are we going to make money doing this?’

The question is particularly pertinent for companies who haven’t invested in an email archiving solution. When you look at the way you manage email in your business, ask yourself if it’s the best use of your employee’s time. If you’re trying to manage your email manually, the answer will most likely be ‘no’.

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Email Archiving Best Practices: Going it Alone

Email archiving is an issue that all businesses will have to deal with at some point. Email has become the most common form of business communication and the most common form of sharing business documentation. Controlling that communication is going to be vital for every  business.

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Exchange 2010 Archiving: Pass or Fail?

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 includes email archiving features, which aim to help companies using exchange manage their archiving needs and ensure compliance. It’s the first time archiving has been included within Exchange and not as a third party app.

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Email Archiving: The Organizational Benefits

A recent study has indicated that 49% of SMB’s in the UK and US have implemented email archiving, leaving 51% without the protection and benefits that email archiving affords. Why so? It’s probably because the main focus of IT departments is on solutions that directly increase productivity, and the other areas of IT can be pushed down the priority list. The thing is, email archiving actually does contribute to increased productivity across the organization. In addition, it’s got a ton of other benefits including reducing costs and aiding compliance. Let me explain:

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Exchange 2010: Not The Solution To Email Archiving Issues

When Microsoft included archiving facilities in Exchange 2010, many IT teams rejoiced: Finally, the need to organize a third party archiving solution had been eliminated! Unfortunately, this turned out not to be the case. A recent report from Osterman research has pointed out that most organizations that deploy Exchange 2010 should still consider relying on third party archiving applications for many reasons.

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3 Reasons To Retain Archiving Solutions With Exchange 2010

For the first time, Microsoft has included archiving in Exchange 2010. Research indicates that adoption of Exchange 2010 will continue to increase, so it’s definitely one of Microsoft’s more successful ventures. But now that archiving is a feature of Exchange, the use of the utility is likely to increase and so too will the idea of archiving as a best practice. Exchange 2010 enables organizations to start archiving practices themselves, and enables organizations to get to grips with compliance. Despite this, Osterman Research concludes that the majority of organizations should consider deploying a third party email archiving tool in addition to Exchange.

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