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Email Archiving: The Organizational Benefits

A recent study has indicated that 49% of SMB’s in the UK and US have implemented email archiving, leaving 51% without the protection and benefits that email archiving affords. Why so? It’s probably because the main focus of IT departments is on solutions that directly increase productivity, and the other areas of IT can be pushed down the priority list. The thing is, email archiving actually does contribute to increased productivity across the organization. In addition, it’s got a ton of other benefits including reducing costs and aiding compliance. Let me explain:

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Exchange 2010: Not The Solution To Email Archiving Issues

When Microsoft included archiving facilities in Exchange 2010, many IT teams rejoiced: Finally, the need to organize a third party archiving solution had been eliminated! Unfortunately, this turned out not to be the case. A recent report from Osterman research has pointed out that most organizations that deploy Exchange 2010 should still consider relying on third party archiving applications for many reasons.

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3 Reasons To Retain Archiving Solutions With Exchange 2010

For the first time, Microsoft has included archiving in Exchange 2010. Research indicates that adoption of Exchange 2010 will continue to increase, so it’s definitely one of Microsoft’s more successful ventures. But now that archiving is a feature of Exchange, the use of the utility is likely to increase and so too will the idea of archiving as a best practice. Exchange 2010 enables organizations to start archiving practices themselves, and enables organizations to get to grips with compliance. Despite this, Osterman Research concludes that the majority of organizations should consider deploying a third party email archiving tool in addition to Exchange.

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To Archive, Or Not To Archive? That Is The Question

The adoption of email archiving is vital for highly regulated organizations, but it can also be of huge value to organizations that are not under heavy compliance burdens. In a recent report by Infotech Research Group, Jatheon was rated a champion of email archiving because of our high performance agnostic email archiving solution with it’s simple deployment for plug and go implementation. Add to this the multitude of affordable models and any size company can avail of a suitable option. So how to decide to archive, or not to archive? Here is Infotech’s run down of reasons for and against:

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Need A Little Help with the eDiscovery Process? Look No Further

Here at Jatheon we’ve got years of experience helping SME’s to multinationals with their eDiscovery needs. It’s taught us a thing or two. While our email archiving solution provides a simple and compliant eDiscovery solution for firms, we’ve learnt about everything else that goes into the discovery process too. Here are our pearls of wisdom: 

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eDiscovery Is Not For Lawyers… It’s For the IT Department!

It’s time to bring eDiscovery into the 21st Century. And that means getting the IT department involved. No longer the realm of the legal team and a group of archive-searching interns, eDiscovery has a far more serious place at the heart of a company’s legal defense and is mostly carried out through technology- and that means the IT department is going to be deeply involved.

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Email Archive Scandal: NewsCorp Faces US Legal Battle

News over the last two weeks points to a full-blown US court case from the authorities as part of the ongoing investigation into NewsCorp and News International over phone hacking. Another round of arrests took place recently at the Sun newspaper, so we know this story is far from over. Rupert Murdoch has again flown to London at a time when the UK’s best selling newspaper is in turmoil. Employees at the paper are still angry with the NewsCorp management team who reconstructed and trawled email archives to produce evidence that led to the arrests. The archives were the subject of much controversy when their condition was ambiguous over the last few months. It raises a lot of issues; chief among them is the issue of email compliance.

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How Email Took Over The Business World: The Communications Evolution Part 2

In our previous blog, we discussed how email has taken over the way we carry out daily business. With it has come a huge amount of regulatory burdens and challenges for IT staff. But how did email rise to be the dominating communications platform? Who invented it and how did it develop? We looked at the timeframe from the early 1960’s to the 1970’s (Timesharing computers, SNDMSG & READMAIL) in Part 1 of this blog series. Today we’re going to go a little further.

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Stay Ahead of SEC Whistleblowers with Email Archiving

On August 12 of this year, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s new whistleblower rules came into effect. Under the new rules, the SEC has launched a new website for employees and people to report violations of federal securities laws. There can also be a financial reward for doing so. What does this mean? It means people will be more eager than ever before to report violations of compliance laws, and your organization should be prepared.

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IT Procedural Practices For Email Archiving Part 2

Previously, we examined 5 steps you and your company can take to help bring yourself up to date and in full compliance with data archiving regulations.  As you know, on-premises email archiving is the most proficient way to maintain compliance and to help guard against litigation, because all emails are securely stored on the archiving system as they pass through the server, before being delivered to the recipient’s inbox.  Therefore, all data transfers are pristine.

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