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Why Email Archiving Is A Winner For Businesses

Because email has grown to dominate business life, and since it’s retention has become more of an issue, a lot more emphasis is being put on the advantages and the efficiencies of adopting a centralized email archiving solution. Taking on an email archiving appliance means that you’re saying “YES” to a host of benefits.

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The Compliance Driver in Email Archiving: Why?

Take our word for it: legal liability has been the biggest driver in the development and adoption of email archiving in the last number of years. Because email has grown to be the most important form of business communication, most regulators have focused their attention in this area and so requirements and laws for email retention have become all the more serious. Email is of course a great way to record conversations and communications, as long as it is archived correctly. While deleting emails is easy for employees, it can be a pain for employers who seek to be in full compliance with the law.

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What is Driving Compliance in 2012?

The drivers behind compliance this year are quite similar to those of previous years, however there is a higher urgency in the field due to legal restrictions coming into force and penalties being handed out left, right and center. In general, the need for compliance is driven by various regulatory demands placed on companies by industry regulators and government agencies.

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What Are The Three Main Drivers Of Email Archiving?

Above all other things, there are three reasons why companies are looking to email archiving solutions. Email administrators generally express three common basic requirements when they are questioned about their needs for an archiving solution. These include:

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An eDiscovery Warning: Legal Holds & Their Importance

We all know that eDiscovery is a tricky issue to tackle, especially when you get first wind of a litigation procedure coming down the line. Whether you are managing eDiscovery on behalf of your own company or on behalf of a client, here are some items to be aware of: 

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Email Archiving: The Organizational Benefits

A recent study has indicated that 49% of SMB’s in the UK and US have implemented email archiving, leaving 51% without the protection and benefits that email archiving affords. Why so? It’s probably because the main focus of IT departments is on solutions that directly increase productivity, and the other areas of IT can be pushed down the priority list. The thing is, email archiving actually does contribute to increased productivity across the organization. In addition, it’s got a ton of other benefits including reducing costs and aiding compliance. Let me explain:

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Are You Ready For eDiscovery? Ask Yourself These Questions

eDiscovery readiness is now almost mandatory in most industries. You can’t come across a new legal case without eDiscovery processes being involved. Because of this, there has been a huge move towards eDiscovery adoption and companies are seeking to integrate eDiscovery policies and appliances, like email archiving with integrated discovery functions.

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Jatheon Technologies: Offering So Much More Than Exchange 2010

We’ve been looking at the pros and cons of archiving with Exchange 2010 recently and we’ve concluded that while the inbuilt archiving features are an asset to the platform, there are very few organizations that will really benefit from them. We acknowledge that it’s a welcome change, now that enterprise-class systems are giving the importance of email archiving a nod, but the limited archiving functionality will still actually benefit very few. 

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Exchange 2010: Not The Solution To Email Archiving Issues

When Microsoft included archiving facilities in Exchange 2010, many IT teams rejoiced: Finally, the need to organize a third party archiving solution had been eliminated! Unfortunately, this turned out not to be the case. A recent report from Osterman research has pointed out that most organizations that deploy Exchange 2010 should still consider relying on third party archiving applications for many reasons.

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3 Reasons To Retain Archiving Solutions With Exchange 2010

For the first time, Microsoft has included archiving in Exchange 2010. Research indicates that adoption of Exchange 2010 will continue to increase, so it’s definitely one of Microsoft’s more successful ventures. But now that archiving is a feature of Exchange, the use of the utility is likely to increase and so too will the idea of archiving as a best practice. Exchange 2010 enables organizations to start archiving practices themselves, and enables organizations to get to grips with compliance. Despite this, Osterman Research concludes that the majority of organizations should consider deploying a third party email archiving tool in addition to Exchange.

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