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New Communication Archiving is Just Email Archiving

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Ignore Email Archiving At Your Peril: Sheriff in Trouble

Every so often I come across a story that reminds me how important it is to archive email just for legal reasons alone. This week, I read a story about the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, who is accused of deleting thousands of emails and other ESI. If they were trying to cover something up, they’ve brought way more attention to it.

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Why Email Archiving Is A Winner For Businesses

Because email has grown to dominate business life, and since it’s retention has become more of an issue, a lot more emphasis is being put on the advantages and the efficiencies of adopting a centralized email archiving solution. Taking on an email archiving appliance means that you’re saying “YES” to a host of benefits.

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eDiscovery Is Not For Lawyers… It’s For the IT Department!

It’s time to bring eDiscovery into the 21st Century. And that means getting the IT department involved. No longer the realm of the legal team and a group of archive-searching interns, eDiscovery has a far more serious place at the heart of a company’s legal defense and is mostly carried out through technology- and that means the IT department is going to be deeply involved.

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