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Email Archiving: What drives customers to look for a Solution? Part 2

On Friday we looked at the first two factors that are driving customers to seek out an email archiving solution. Today we follow up with the next 2 reasons and we will also take a look at what customers are looking for in their email archiving Solution.

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Stuck For A Gift? Give Your IT Staff the Gift of Email Archiving!

While it may not sound like the most fun gift in the world, email archiving can actually be a godsend for your IT personnel. And if you think it’s like backup, it’s not. Archiving is a system where your emails are indexed and secured so that they can be retrieved quickly- email backups don’t allow for easy or quick searching and retrieval, and certainly don’t stand up to compliance requirements.

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Ignore Email Archiving At Your Peril: Sheriff in Trouble

Every so often I come across a story that reminds me how important it is to archive email just for legal reasons alone. This week, I read a story about the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, who is accused of deleting thousands of emails and other ESI. If they were trying to cover something up, they’ve brought way more attention to it.

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Email Archive Scandal: NewsCorp Faces US Legal Battle

News over the last two weeks points to a full-blown US court case from the authorities as part of the ongoing investigation into NewsCorp and News International over phone hacking. Another round of arrests took place recently at the Sun newspaper, so we know this story is far from over. Rupert Murdoch has again flown to London at a time when the UK’s best selling newspaper is in turmoil. Employees at the paper are still angry with the NewsCorp management team who reconstructed and trawled email archives to produce evidence that led to the arrests. The archives were the subject of much controversy when their condition was ambiguous over the last few months. It raises a lot of issues; chief among them is the issue of email compliance.

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New York Adopts eDiscovery Standards Post Zubulake Case

Reuters have reported that a New York appeals court adopted a new standard for eDiscovery last month, declaring that a party must take steps to preserve relevant documents once it “reasonably anticipates litigation”. The new adoption standard arose when the court upheld a case against a satellite TV company after it deleted emails when a cable company filed a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against it. The emails that were destroyed would have been favorable to the satellite TV company in the court case.

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