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The DIY Email Archive

When I explain email archiving to someone unfamiliar with the process, I’m often faced with the question; "Could they do that themselves?"

There’s a good case for wanting to have full control over your email archive. Maybe you want to save money, keep the process in house, maybe it would be less complicated than trying to install something from a third party?

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The E-Discovery Question: Email Archiving Vs. Email Audit

The phrase ‘third-party’ is used a lot in business. Organizations use third-party providers for many vital functions, because they don’t have the facilities themselves. Email archiving is often referred to as a third-party solution.

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It’s not Too Late to get an Email Archiving Solution

There are a number of common themes when you talk about email archiving solutions. You’ll always hear about related to compliance, eDiscovery and storage as the benefits of email archiving. Another of those themes is time. An email archive can save you time and time is also a reason you should get one.

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Time: 2 Compelling Reasons for Email Archiving

Time is a vital business commodity. Most working weeks end up as desperate races against time. Whether you’re trying to beat a deadline or trying to find a work life balance, you could always do with more time.

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