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Email Archiving: What drives customers to look for a Solution? Part 2

On Friday we looked at the first two factors that are driving customers to seek out an email archiving solution. Today we follow up with the next 2 reasons and we will also take a look at what customers are looking for in their email archiving Solution.

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Email Archiving: Is Double-deletion of emails a legitimate activity?

To many people the “double-deletion” of email is an everyday occurrence, with the majority of people deleting emails and emptying their trash folders routinely every day. In fact certain email providers such as Outlook even issue a prompt on your screen to delete your emails when you are closing out of the program. On top of this most organizations would impose a short retention period on your emails or a mailbox size limit, all of this done to stop your mailbox getting out of hand and causing performance issues on your email system.

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Stuck For A Gift? Give Your IT Staff the Gift of Email Archiving!

While it may not sound like the most fun gift in the world, email archiving can actually be a godsend for your IT personnel. And if you think it’s like backup, it’s not. Archiving is a system where your emails are indexed and secured so that they can be retrieved quickly- email backups don’t allow for easy or quick searching and retrieval, and certainly don’t stand up to compliance requirements.

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eDiscovery Across The Pond: Complicating Matters!

Are you US based or global? If your company is based outside the borders of the good o’l US of A, you may think that eDiscovery isn’t as much of an issue, but you’re wrong. It’s wise not to make any quick assumptions when it comes to eDiscovery issues and technology even if you’re based out of the US. There have recently been a number of cases where the wrong assumptions have been made about cross border eDiscovery litigation, which have compounded risks and problems.

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Exchange 2010 Archiving: Pass or Fail?

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 includes email archiving features, which aim to help companies using exchange manage their archiving needs and ensure compliance. It’s the first time archiving has been included within Exchange and not as a third party app.

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The Compliance Driver in Email Archiving: Why?

Take our word for it: legal liability has been the biggest driver in the development and adoption of email archiving in the last number of years. Because email has grown to be the most important form of business communication, most regulators have focused their attention in this area and so requirements and laws for email retention have become all the more serious. Email is of course a great way to record conversations and communications, as long as it is archived correctly. While deleting emails is easy for employees, it can be a pain for employers who seek to be in full compliance with the law.

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What is Driving Compliance in 2012?

The drivers behind compliance this year are quite similar to those of previous years, however there is a higher urgency in the field due to legal restrictions coming into force and penalties being handed out left, right and center. In general, the need for compliance is driven by various regulatory demands placed on companies by industry regulators and government agencies.

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Email Archiving: A Solution for Compliance Woes and Budget Issues

These days, email is integral to organizations because it literally keeps the business running. Remember diaries your secretary used to keep? Gone, and replaced by a calendar solution linked to the email system. The Filofax? Gone the way of the dodo and replaced by Microsoft Contacts within the outlook system. These days, documents, legal contracts, and important messages enter the company through the email inbox rather than the mailbox. Email is now relied upon to stay organized, and with this comes the need for an effective email archiving solution.

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