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The Compliance Driver in Email Archiving: Why?

Take our word for it: legal liability has been the biggest driver in the development and adoption of email archiving in the last number of years. Because email has grown to be the most important form of business communication, most regulators have focused their attention in this area and so requirements and laws for email retention have become all the more serious. Email is of course a great way to record conversations and communications, as long as it is archived correctly. While deleting emails is easy for employees, it can be a pain for employers who seek to be in full compliance with the law.

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Email Archiving: A Solution for Compliance Woes and Budget Issues

These days, email is integral to organizations because it literally keeps the business running. Remember diaries your secretary used to keep? Gone, and replaced by a calendar solution linked to the email system. The Filofax? Gone the way of the dodo and replaced by Microsoft Contacts within the outlook system. These days, documents, legal contracts, and important messages enter the company through the email inbox rather than the mailbox. Email is now relied upon to stay organized, and with this comes the need for an effective email archiving solution.

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