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The Evolution of Digital Discovery has Email Implications

Until recently, the idea of digital discovery of electronic communication started and ended with email. We have blogged a lot recently, about other forms of digital communication that could be the subject of regulatory or eDiscovery requests. Last week we got an indication that, more than being related, the law may actually view these different types of communication in the same way.

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Is Your Company eDiscovery Ready?

The eDiscovery process has been formalized, in one form or another, for nearly 6 years. But it’s still a term that a lot of companies don’t understand and a process that a lot of companies aren’t ready for.

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How Email Took Over The Business World: Part 1

Email has taken over the way we carry out daily business and has brought with it a plethora of compliance regulations and challenges for the IT department. But how did email rise to be such a powerful communications medium? Who invented it? Let’s take a brief history lesson.

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